Our Faculty

Mrs. Kristi Zagar

Director, Ministry Village Early Learning Center

Ms. Kristi has been a preschool and VPK teacher for the last nine years, most recently teaching at New Beginnings Preschool in Pace, Florida. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in English Education from the University of South Florida, and has spent more than 20 years as a dynamic educator focused on inspiring and motivating children through creative and enjoyable instruction.

Paige Morton

Assistant Director

Originally from Louisiana, Ms. Paige has lived in Northwest Florida since the mid-90s. With an Associates Degree focused on Early Childhood Education and Accounting, Ms. Paige also earned her National CDA Credential as well as her Advanced Level Florida Director Credential. She has worked in childcare since 2003 as both an Assistant Director and Director at childcare facilities.

“I originally thought I would be an accountant; however, God had other plans by putting a call in my heart to work in Early Childhood Education. This is more than educating children. It is an opportunity to minister to the children and families we serve. I love what I do.”

Gail Benson

Originally from Helena, Alabama, Ms. Gail has lived in Pensacola for more than 30 years, and is trained as a children’s dental hygienist. She is a mother of 6, and has been the director of a church preschool and a preschool Sunday School teacher. Ms. Gail loves to watch children as they grow and learn, and she is excited to form a strong relationship with each child’s family.

Glenda Crow

Ms. Glenda has taught VPK for 9 years in addition to more than 10 years of experience teaching preschool and kindergarten. A University of West Florida graduate, she has a degree in Social Work and is a State of Florida Certified Child Care Professional. She loves to hear the children’s laughter and see the excitement in their eyes as they learn new concepts.

Ceara Glaze

Originally from Mobile, Alabama, Ms. Ceara has lived in Pensacola for 16 years. She has 2 degrees – one in Early Childhood Education and Child Development, and another as a Crisis Prevention and Intervention Specialist.
A mom of 2, she enjoys seeing children grow and accomplish new and difficult tasks. “Helping them gain confidence and a love of learning makes my heart sing.”

Shay King

Born in nearby Atmore, Alabama, Ms. Shay has lived in the Pensacola area since the 1980s. Having worked in preschool for several years, Shay says, “For me, this isn’t just a job. It’s a relationship!” She wants parents to be confident that their child will be loved and tenderly nurtured while in her care.

Debra Moultrie

Ms. Debra has a vast background in education, including a Master’s degree in Instructional Leadership, a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, and an Associate’s degree in Physical Therapy. She has taught a variety of ages ranging from preschool to 2nd grade. “Displaying the love of Christ to my school children and their families makes my heart sing. My favorite thing is building a relationship with my kids and their parents, and creating a positive learning environment while making learning fun.” Ms. Debra loves to make her kids laugh, and sings and dances with them often. As a published author, she also loves to write poetry.

Liza Moss

Born in the Philippines, Ms. Liza has lived in the US for nearly 30 years, and has been in Pensacola since 2008. “God has always led me to work with children. Teaching them about God, helping them get ready for kindergarten – it’s always been my dream to be a teacher.” Ms. Liza loves to share teachable moments with her kids, and see their eyes light up when they discover something new. Her love for volleyball, board games, baking and crafts gives her lots of ideas for keeping creativity alive in the classroom.

Danielle Strickland

Ms. Danielle moved to Florida in 2004 from Long Island, NY. She loves to make her students smile, and enjoys being silly with them to help them enjoy their learning time. “When I see that little light bulb go off in a child’s eye, I know they are learning and that I’m making a difference.”

Leslie Wallace

Ms. Leslie has been a preschool teacher for 31 years, and a National Child Development Associate since 1993. “I love to read to children and share their excitement as they learn new concepts.” Born in Pennsylvania, Ms. Leslie lived in New York before moving to Florida more than 30 years ago. She especially enjoys her travel adventures with her 3 grandchildren – ziplining in the jungles of Costa Rica, bouncing, bouncing in dune buggies over the giant sand dunes of Peru. “It’s always wonderful to spend time with them.”