Our Faculty

Liza Moss

Born in the Philippines, Ms. Liza has lived in the US for nearly 30 years, and has been in Pensacola since 2008. “God has always led me to work with children. Teaching them about God, helping them get ready for kindergarten – it’s always been my dream to be a teacher.” Ms. Liza loves to share teachable moments with her kids, and see their eyes light up when they discover something new. Her love for volleyball, board games, baking and crafts gives her lots of ideas for keeping creativity alive in the classroom.

Danielle Strickland

Ms. Danielle moved to Florida in 2004 from Long Island, NY. She loves to make her students smile, and enjoys being silly with them to help them enjoy their learning time. “When I see that little light bulb go off in a child’s eye, I know they are learning and that I’m making a difference.”

Leslie Wallace

Ms. Leslie has been a preschool teacher for 31 years, and a National Child Development Associate since 1993. “I love to read to children and share their excitement as they learn new concepts.” Born in Pennsylvania, Ms. Leslie lived in New York before moving to Florida more than 30 years ago. She especially enjoys her travel adventures with her 3 grandchildren – ziplining in the jungles of Costa Rica, bouncing, bouncing in dune buggies over the giant sand dunes of Peru. “It’s always wonderful to spend time with them.”

Destiny Whittaker

Ms. Destiny has lived in Northwest Florida for the past 5 years. Originally from Tennessee, she has a Bachelor’s degree in Music Ministry and finds ways to use music and instruments to help her students learn new things. “It’s fun to get to know the children, learn each personality and find out what they each like.”

Hannah Zagar

Ms. Hannah loves to build relationships with children and has been working with kids in preschool, church or as a dance teacher for 9 years. Studying elementary education at the University of West Florida, Hannah loves to see the difference she can make in the lives of her students. Her love of art and photography give her a special flair when it comes to keeping her students entertained.