Your Five-Year-Old: An Overview

Five-year-olds who have not yet attended a VPK program are welcome to enroll at the Ministry Village Early Learning Center and participate in our program. Our curriculum, teachers and classrooms provide children with the skills that empower them to grow and thrive in a variety of environments and prepare them to enter kindergarten ready to succeed.

Once your child has completed VPK, the Ministry Village Early Learning Center is available to provide care throughout the summer months and up until kindergarten begins.

Five-Year-Old Curriculum

The Creative CurriculumĀ® was chosen by the Ministry Village Early Learning Center because of its research-based approach to childhood learning. Each of its learning objectives aligns with Florida's recommendations for early childcare and education. Your five-year-old will engage in a variety of child-directed activities that emphasize and support the development of their social/emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual needs

At the Ministry Village Early Learning Center, we believe that children learn best when they are supported at home as well as when they are in the childcare setting. Every week, an individualized lesson plan for your five-year-old's classroom is posted. The activities included in this lesson plan are both purposefully and intentionally planned to meet the needs of each child and are based on the observations the teachers have made. Families are provided with extension activities and ideas to use at home to support the learning and concepts their child engages in at the Early Learning Center.

Your Five-Year-Old's Teachers

The teachers at the Ministry Village Early Learning Center provide children with a variety of play-based, intentional activities that facilitate age-appropriate learning and independence. Each teacher either holds an early childhood certification or has formal education in early childhood concepts. They develop and implement individual and group activities that are designed to enrich each child based on the teacher's observations.