Your Infant: An Overview

Because infancy is marked by rapid growth and phenomenal changes, it's vital that babies have a nurturing environment in which to thrive. The ability to establish and build strong relationships with responsive childcare teachers who are sensitive to their needs allows infants to flourish amidst new and engaging experiences.

Infant Curriculum

The Creative CurriculumⓇ is designed to support your child's mastery of new skills. It comprises a rich learning environment that's filled with age-appropriate activities that integrate learning into daily life. This approach helps foster your child's motor skills, cognitive development, emotional growth, creative expression, problem-solving skills and social growth. We add age-appropriate devotionals and Bible stories to The Creative CurriculumⓇ so that even the youngest members of our community experience the love and caring that a Christ-led life offers.

Your Infant's Teachers

At the Ministry Village Early Learning Center, our childcare professionals are the foundation for all the learning and care that your infant receives. They provide a nurturing and supportive environment that's conducive to building a trusting relationship with your child. In order to facilitate this relationship, each teacher cares for a maximum of only four infants. This allows for individualized attention while also providing babies with the social skills they need.

Each teacher must have the demonstrated skills and knowledge to meet the needs of infants. The classrooms at the Ministry Village Early Learning Center meet or exceed the teacher/child ratios set by the State of Florida Department of Children and Family Services. Our childcare professionals must have a formal educational qualification, a National Early Childhood Credential (NECC) that's active, an active School-Age Child Care Credential or a Birth Through Five Child Care Credential that's active in order to work with infants who attend the Ministry Village Early Learning Center.