Your One-Year-Old: An Overview

Curious and playful, one-year-olds are constantly on the move. Having a caring and responsive childcare teacher in their lives provides the encouragement that young and newly-mobile toddlers need to explore their world. Activities and opportunities should be supportive of this exploration while also providing a safe environment. A one-year-old's developmental interests and needs are addressed with the careful selection of appropriate experiences.

One-Year-Old Curriculum

At the Ministry Village Early Learning Center, our childcare teachers use The Creative CurriculumⓇ to provide one-year-olds with an individualized and research-based environment that's rich in learning opportunities. The curriculum grows to accommodate the expansive acquisition of skills and knowledge that young toddlers experience at this age.

Songs, books and self-talk reinforce language skills while daily occurrences help one-year-olds understand basic math concepts. Investigative opportunities to explore the environment both indoors and out allow young toddlers to grasp science ideas. An interactive outdoor playground, as well as activities inside, allow children to expand their gross and fine motor development. By labeling feelings and offering appropriate responses to emotions, a young toddler starts to develop a foundation of social skills that will continue to grow throughout their lives.

Your One-Year-Old's Teachers

The teachers at the Ministry Village Early Learning Center understand that one-year-old toddlers need to explore their world in a hands-on manner. Their classrooms are filled with items like dramatic play equipment, puzzles, a library, sensory tables, art supplies, blocks and more. With the support and guidance of their professionally-trained teachers, young toddlers flourish.

A maximum of twelve toddlers in each room with two teachers means that one-year-olds have the opportunity for individualized attention as their skills, knowledge and independence grow. Regular observations by our teachers ensure that lesson plans continue to meet the needs of each young toddler.