Your Three-Year-Old: An Overview

Your three-year-old is curious and interested in the world around them. Hands-on activities continue to be important as children manipulate items to learn more about how the world works and their place within it. Social skills blossom at this age, and the teachers and classrooms at the Ministry Village Early Learning Center are there to support your child during their development and practice.

Three-Year-Old Curriculum

By utilizing a research-based curriculum, children who attend the Ministry Village Early Learning Center obtain a solid foundation of learning and knowledge that allows for expansion throughout their lives. This is why we choose to implement The Creative CurriculumⓇ at the Early Learning Center.

By providing a flexible foundation from which teachers can build appropriate activities that are based on the teachers' observations, The Creative CurriculumⓇ supports children. Each week, a new lesson plan is developed by the teachers and contains activities that have been purposefully and intentionally included so that each child's needs are met.

Learning centers provide the jumping off point for much of the learning that goes on in the three-year-old program. Sensory experiences, creative arts, dramatic play, math, Bible stories and blocks are just a few of the many materials and activities that children can choose from. By providing your three-year-old with the ability to choose which learning centers to visit, the teachers help support and empower them.

Your Three-Year-Old's Teachers

The teachers at the Ministry Village Early Learning Center continue to build caring, strong and responsive relationships with your three-year-old. In addition to providing learning activities and supporting children during learning activities, teachers also engage in play with children. By doing so, they are able to support your child's growing appreciation for peer relationships and individual interests, as well as their independence.