Your Two-Year-Old: An Overview

As a two-year-old, your child strives to experience independence every day. From the clothes they wear and the food they eat to the friends they play with and the activities they engage in, two-year-olds thrive when provided with safe choices. The Ministry Village Early Learning Center has three classrooms for two-year-olds that are designed to support and encourage each child's unique strengths.

Two-Year-Old Curriculum

Every classroom at the Ministry Village Early Learning Center uses The Creative CurriculumⓇ, a flexible, comprehensive and individualized research-based curriculum. Designed to provide children with a supportive, engaging and well-rounded education that fosters a sense of pride, well-being and knowledge, The Creative CurriculumⓇ forms the basis of each classroom's weekly lesson plan. The activities are individualized, intentional and purposeful, based on the classroom teacher's observations of each child.

In order to facilitate all aspects of learning, the two-year-old classrooms are set up as stations that provide specific and intentional learning opportunities for children. These environments are created purposefully to provide children with appropriate learning activities that are designed to meet the individual needs of each child. A few of the learning centers included in the two-year-old classrooms include science, blocks, dramatic play, art, library, math and manipulatives. Bible stories and devotionals are integrated into each day's activities.

Your Two-Year-Old's Teachers

A nurturing relationship with a caring and responsive teacher is vital to building a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. Each teacher at the Ministry Village Early Learning Center is not only professionally trained in the development of children, they are also hand-picked based on their ability to engage in responsive caregiving. This allows two-year-olds to build a trusting and secure relationship with their teacher. An environment built on such caring and trust facilitates the learning and growth that children need to thrive.